Preprint reviews by Hamed Seyed-allaei

A simple proposal for the publication of journal citation distributions

Vincent Lariviere, Veronique Kiermer, Catriona J MacCallum, Marcia McNutt, Mark Patterson, Bernd Pulverer, Sowmya Swaminathan, Stuart Taylor, Stephen Curry

Review posted on 08th July 2016

Nice job!

I have a suggestion regarding Fig 4. This figure is the spotlight of your work. But it is noisy, especially at the tails. This is natural, because there are few highly cited works. This can be improved using one of the following methods:

1. You can use logarithmic bins to construct the histograms: 0,1,2,4,8, ...

2. You can use cumulative density/histogram instead.

This reduces noises at the tails of the distributions so one can compares the performance of journals around highly cited works.

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