Preprint reviews by Richard Malham

A simple proposal for the publication of journal citation distributions

Vincent Lariviere, Veronique Kiermer, Catriona J MacCallum, Marcia McNutt, Mark Patterson, Bernd Pulverer, Sowmya Swaminathan, Stuart Taylor, Stephen Curry

Review posted on 08th July 2016

I already noted these in a comment on this blog post ( but wanted to also raise them here

Stephen: When revising the article, I would suggest looking at the existing recommendations in these two reports (particularly relevant to the recommendations section at the end of the Discussion section)

‘Evaluating Interdisciplinary Research: a practical guide’, from Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study (July 2015)

‘Improving recognition of team science contributions in biomedical
research careers’, from the Academy of Medical Sciences (March 2016)

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