preprint reviews by Paul Carini

Ecological selection for small microbial genomes along a temperate-to-thermal soil gradient

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Jackson W Sorensen, Taylor K Dunivin, Tammy C Tobin, Ashley Shade

Review posted on 05th March 2018

This is a really neat paper! I quickly read it and offer a few suggestions to make the next revision a bit tighter.

1. Throughout the paper, be sure not to conflate "small genomes" with genom...

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Relic DNA contributes minimally to estimates of microbial diversity

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Jay T Lennon, Sarah A Placella, Mario E Muscarella

Review posted on 01st May 2017

The main broad conclusion of this work (“relic DNA contributes minimally to the characterization of microbial community structure”) is not well-supported by the data presented.


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