Preprint reviews by Indrasen Poola

Documenting and Evaluating Data Science Contributions in Academic Promotion in Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics

Lance A. Waller

Review posted on 12th November 2017

Teaching Data Science.

Robert J. Brunner and Edward J. Kim

Review posted on 12th November 2017

A Case for Data Commons: Towards Data Science as a Service.

Robert L. Grossman and Mark Murphy Allison Heath Maria Patterson Walt Wells

Review posted on 30th September 2017

Open Source Data Science

The concept of OSDC is the latest and people are already built some similar platforms Ex:Big data university is the same concept which was built up on. Everything is Cloud basis and all the services under same cloud infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the Automotive Industry.

Martin Hofmann , Thomas B Florian Neukart and Ck

Review posted on 29th September 2017

AI and ML predictive models usage in Automotive industries for their new products and developments with the help of these technologies.Combination of Iot,Cloud ,and Big data will make the real and difference for future applications most effectively.

Need to know what kind of predictive modeling of ML used.

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