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Preprint Authors Area Date Reviews
Excitatory TMS Boosts Memory Representations W. Wang ... S. W. Davis Neuroscience Mar 2018 R1
Data management and sharing in neuroimaging: Practices and perceptions of MRI researchers J. A. Borghi, A. E. V. Gulick, Neuroscience Feb 2018 R1
A Basal Ganglia Circuit Sufficient to Guide Birdsong Learning L. Xiao ... T. F. Roberts Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
The Generation and Propagation of the Human Alpha Rhythm M. Halgren ... S. S. Cash Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Voluntary control of illusory contour formation W. Harrison, R. Rideaux, Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Acute fluoxetine differently affects aggressive display in zebrafish phenotypes H. P. Barbosa ... C. Maximino Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Porcupine: a visual pipeline tool for neuroimaging analysis T. v. Mourik ... D. Norris Neuroscience Sep 2017 R1
AFQ-Browser: Supporting reproducible human neuroscience research through browser-based visualization tools J. D. Yeatman ... A. Rokem Neuroscience Aug 2017 R1, R2
A functioning model of human time perception W. Roseboom ... A. K. Seth Neuroscience Aug 2017 R1
Modulation of host learning in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes C. Vinauger ... J. Riffell Neuroscience Aug 2017 R1
The ANTs Longitudinal Cortical Thickness Pipeline N. J. Tustison ... M. A. Yassa Neuroscience Jul 2017 R1
Competition for a limited supply of synaptic building blocks predicts multiplicative synaptic normalization and heterosynaptic plasticity J. Triesch, A. Hafner, Neuroscience Jul 2017 R1
Robustness of spike deconvolution for calcium imaging of neural spiking M. Pachitariu ... K. D. Harris Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1
Unexpected Early Proteomic Changes in Alzheimer's Disease Model Mice Synaptosomes K. Ball ... M. Stowell Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1, R2
Beyond Consensus: Embracing Heterogeneity in Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis G. H. Ngo ... B. T. T. Yeo Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1
Cortical Representations of Speech in a Multi-talker Auditory Scene K. C. Puvvada, J. Z. Simon, Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1
Masking of a circadian behavior in larval zebrafish involves the thalamo-habenula pathway Q. Lin, S. J. Jesuthasan, Neuroscience Feb 2017 R1
The GridCAT: A toolbox for automated analysis of human grid cell codes in fMRI M. Stangl, J. Shine, T. Wolbers Neuroscience Feb 2017 R1
Lateral geniculate neurons show robust ocular dominance plasticity J. Jaepel ... T. Rose Neuroscience Jan 2017 R1
Visual crowding is a combination of an increase of positional uncertainty, source confusion, and featural averaging W. J. Harrison, P. J. Bex, Neuroscience Dec 2016 R1
Testing pseudo-linear models of responses to natural scenes in primate retina A. Heitman ... E. Chichilnisky Neuroscience Dec 2016 R1
Discovering event structure in continuous narrative perception and memory C. Baldassano ... K. A. Norman Neuroscience Oct 2016 R1
Empirical assessment of published effect sizes and power in the recent cognitive neuroscience and psychology literature D. Szucs, J. P. Ioannidis, Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1
What the Success of Brain Imaging Implies about the Neural Code O. Guest, B. C. Love, Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1, R2
The Future of Data Analysis in the Neurosciences D. Bzdok, B. T. Yeo Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1
Theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation to the prefrontal or parietal cortex does not impair metacognitive visual awareness D. Bor ... A. K. Seth Neuroscience Jun 2016 R1
Detecting distortions of peripherally-presented letter stimuli under crowded conditions T. S. A. Wallis ... F. A. Wichmann Neuroscience Apr 2016 R1
Evidence for selective attention in the insect brain B. L. d. Bivort, B. v. Swinderen, Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
Contents of Consciousness Investigated as Integrated Information in Direct Human Brain Recordings A. M. Haun ... N. Tsuchiya Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
Are reading and face processing related? An investigation of reading in developmental prosopagnosia R. Starrfelt ... C. Gerlach Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
The wiring diagram of a glomerular olfactory system M. E. Berck ... A. Cardona Neuroscience Jan 2016 R1
The Ionotropic Receptors IR21a and IR25a mediate cool sensing in Drosophila L. Ni ... P. A. Garrity Neuroscience Nov 2015 R1
Development of social behaviour in young zebrafish. E. Dreosti ... S. W. Wilson Neuroscience Apr 2015 R1