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Excitatory TMS Boosts Memory Representations W. Wang ... S. W. Davis Neuroscience Mar 2018 R1
Ecological selection for small microbial genomes along a temperate-to-thermal soil gradient J. W. Sorensen ... A. Shade Systems Biology Mar 2018 R1
Metagenomic analysis with strain-level resolution reveals fine-scale variation in the human pregnancy microbiome D. S. A. Goltsman ... D. A. Relman Microbiology Feb 2018 R1
Nuclear envelope assembly defects link mitotic errors to chromothripsis S. Liu ... D. Pellman Molecular Biology Feb 2018 R1
An empirical, 21st century evaluation of phrenology O. P. Jones ... S. Jbabdi Jan 2018 R1
Building a tumor atlas: integrating single-cell RNA-Seq data with spatial transcriptomics in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma R. Moncada ... I. Yanai Synthetic Biology Jan 2018 R1
Base-pair resolution detection of transcription factor binding site by deep deconvolutional network S. Salekin ... Y. Huang Genomics Jan 2018 R1
Signatures of host specialization and a recent transposable element burst in the dynamic one-speed genome of the fungal barley powdery mildew pathogen L. Frantzeskakis ... R. Panstruga Genomics Jan 2018 R1
NanoAmpli-Seq: A workflow for amplicon sequencing from mixed microbial communities on the nanopore sequencing platform S. T. Calus ... A. J. Pinto Cancer Biology Jan 2018 R1
The brown alga Saccharina japonica features distinct vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidases and iodoperoxidases S. Chi ... H. Lv Cancer Biology Jan 2018 R1
Trait components of whole plant water use efficiency are defined by unique, environmentally responsive genetic signatures in the model C4 grass Setaria M. J. Feldman ... I. Baxter Evolutionary Biology Dec 2017 R1
The rust fungus Melampsora larici-populina expresses a conserved genetic program and distinct sets of secreted protein genes during infection of its two host plants, larch and poplar C. Lorrain ... S. Duplessis Evolutionary Biology Dec 2017 R1
Genetic architecture drives seasonal onset of hibernation in the 13-lined ground squirrel K. R. Grabek ... C. D. Bustamante Genetics Dec 2017 R1
Assessment of the performance of different hidden Markov models for imputation in animal breeding A. Whalen ... J. M. Hickey Genetics Nov 2017 R1
A Basal Ganglia Circuit Sufficient to Guide Birdsong Learning L. Xiao ... T. F. Roberts Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
The Generation and Propagation of the Human Alpha Rhythm M. Halgren ... S. S. Cash Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Voluntary control of illusory contour formation W. Harrison, R. Rideaux, Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Acute fluoxetine differently affects aggressive display in zebrafish phenotypes H. P. Barbosa ... C. Maximino Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
TaxAss: Leveraging Custom Databases Achieves Fine-Scale Taxonomic Resolution R. R. Rohwer ... K. D. McMahon Bioinformatics Nov 2017 R1
Endodermal differentiation is reconstructed by coordination of two parallel signaling systems derived from the stele in roots P. Li ... S. Wu Cancer Biology Nov 2017 R1
Cell-specific modulation of nuclear pore complexes controls cell cycle entry during asymmetric division A. Kumar ... M. Mendoza Molecular Biology Oct 2017 R1
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Enable Discrimination of Heterogeneous Digital Pathology Images P. Khosravi ... I. Hajirasouliha Bioinformatics Oct 2017 R1
Updating the 97% identity threshold for 16S‌ ribosomal RNA OTUs R. C. Edgar, Bioinformatics Sep 2017 R1
Minor allele frequency thresholds strongly affect population structure inference with genomic datasets E. B. Linck, C. J. Battey, Genomics Sep 2017 R1
Epigenome-associated phenotypic acclimatization to ocean acidification in a reef-building coral Y. J. Liew ... M. Aranda Ecology Sep 2017 R1
Reactive Oxygen Species Regulate Activity-Dependent Neuronal Structural Plasticity in Drosophila M. C. W. Oswald ... M. Landgraf Aug 2017 R1
Category learning biases sensory representations in human visual cortex. E. F. Ester ... J. T. Serences Aug 2017 R1
Missing Value Imputation Approach for Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics Data R. Wei ... Y. Ni Bioinformatics Aug 2017 R1
Frequent lack of repressive capacity of promoter DNA methylation identified through genome-wide epigenomic manipulation E. E. Ford ... R. Lister Genomics Aug 2017 R1
Science with no fiction: measuring the veracity of scientific reports by citation analysis P. Grabitz ... S. Rife Pharmacology And Toxicology Aug 2017 R1, R2
The Reproducibility Of Research And The Misinterpretation Of P Values D. Colquhoun, Aug 2017 R1
A functioning model of human time perception W. Roseboom ... A. K. Seth Neuroscience Aug 2017 R1
Modulation of host learning in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes C. Vinauger ... J. Riffell Neuroscience Aug 2017 R1
Accurate estimation of molecular counts in droplet-based single-cell RNA-seq experiments V. Petukhov ... P. V. Kharchenko Genomics Aug 2017 R1
gkm-DNN: efficient prediction using gapped k-mer features and deep neural networks Z. Cao, S. Zhang, Bioinformatics Jul 2017 R1
Introgression patterns between house mouse subspecies and species reveal genomic windows of frequent exchange K. K. Ullrich ... D. Tautz Jul 2017 R1
Competition for a limited supply of synaptic building blocks predicts multiplicative synaptic normalization and heterosynaptic plasticity J. Triesch, A. Hafner, Neuroscience Jul 2017 R1
An Automated Approach to the Quantitation of Vocalizations and Vocal Learning in the Songbird D. G. Mets, M. S. Brainard, Pharmacology And Toxicology Jul 2017 R1
Evolution with a seed bank: the population genetic consequences of microbial dormancy W. R. Shoemaker, J. T. Lennon, Microbiology Jun 2017 R1
Functional and non-functional classes of peptides produced by long non-coding RNAs J. Ruiz-Orera ... M. M. Albà Evolutionary Biology Jun 2017 R1
Bayesian Integrated Analysis Of Multiple Types Of Rare Variants To Infer Risk Genes For Schizophrenia And Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders H. T. Nguyen ... E. A. Stahl Genomics Jun 2017 R1
Robustness of spike deconvolution for calcium imaging of neural spiking M. Pachitariu ... K. D. Harris Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1
Widespread translational remodeling during human neuronal differentiation J. D. Blair ... S. N. Floor Plant Biology Jun 2017 R1
The β3-integrin endothelial adhesome regulates microtubule dependent cell migration S. J. Atkinson ... S. D. Robinson Cell Biology Jun 2017 R1
Cross-species Y chromosome function between malaria vectors of the Anopheles gambiae species complex F. Bernardini ... N. Windbichler Genetics Jun 2017 R1
Biological classification with RNA-Seq data: Can alternative splicing enhance machine learning classifier? N. T. Johnson ... D. Korkin Bioinformatics Jun 2017 R1
VICTOR: Genome-based Phylogeny and Classification of Prokaryotic Viruses J. P. Meier-Kolthoff, M. Goeker, Jun 2017 R1
UPS-indel: A Universal Positioning System For Indels M. S. Hasan ... L. Zhang Bioinformatics Jun 2017 R1
Cortical Representations of Speech in a Multi-talker Auditory Scene K. C. Puvvada, J. Z. Simon, Neuroscience Jun 2017 R1
Association Mapping From Sequencing Reads Using K-mers A. Rahman ... L. Pachter Bioinformatics May 2017 R1
Modeling Science Trustworthiness Under Publish Or Perish Pressure D. R. Grimes ... J. P. A. Ioannidis Scientific Communication And Education May 2017 R1
Transparency In Authors9 Contributions And Responsibilities To Promote Integrity In Scientific Publication M. McNutt ... I. Verma Pharmacology And Toxicology May 2017 R1
The Core Transcriptome Of Mammalian Placentas And The Divergence Of Expression With Placental Shape D. L. Armstrong ... D. E. Wildman Genomics May 2017 R1
The CRISPR Spacer Space Is Dominated By Sequences From The Species-Specific Mobilome S. A. Shmakov ... E. Koonin Microbiology May 2017 R1
Mechanistic Modeling Quantifies The Influence Of Tumor Growth Kinetics On The Response To Anti-Angiogenic Treatment T. D. Gaddy, S. D. Finley, Plant Biology May 2017 R1
Multifactorial Chromosomal Variants Regulate Polymyxin Resistance In Extensively Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae M. Pitt ... L. J. M. Coin Microbiology May 2017 R1
Meta Analysis Of Microbiome Studies Identifies Shared And Disease-Specific Patterns C. Duvallet ... E. J. Alm Cancer Biology May 2017 R1
Relic DNA contributes minimally to estimates of microbial diversity J. T. Lennon ... M. E. Muscarella Microbiology May 2017 R1
Universal Patterns Of Selection In Cancer And Somatic Tissues I. Martincorena ... P. J. Campbell Genomics Apr 2017 R1
Comparison of methods that use whole genome data to estimate the heritability and genetic architecture of complex traits. L. Evans ... M. Keller Genetics Apr 2017 R1
Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Linked-Read Sequencing Combined with Optical Mapping Produce a High Quality Mammalian Genome at Relatively Low Cost D. W. Mohr ... A. F. Scott Genomics Apr 2017 R1
Practical Unidentifiability Of Receptor Density In Target Mediated Drug Disposition Models Can Lead To Over-Interpretation Of Drug Concentration Data A. M. Stein, Pharmacology And Toxicology Apr 2017 R1
Why Do Scientists Fabricate And Falsify Data? A Matched-Control Analysis Of Papers Containing Problematic Image Duplications D. Fanelli ... E. M. Bik Scientific Communication And Education Apr 2017 R1, R2
Dehydration Bouts Prompt Increased Activity And Blood Feeding By Mosquitoes R. Hagan ... J. Benoit Physiology Apr 2017 R1
EMT and MET: necessary or permissive for metastasis? M. K. Jolly ... H. Levine Cancer Biology Apr 2017 R1
Squeakr: An Exact and Approximate k-mer Counting System P. Pandey ... R. Patro Bioinformatics Mar 2017 R1
Amending Published Articles: Time To Rethink Retractions And Corrections? V. Barbour ... E. Moylan Mar 2017 R1
Preprinting Microbiology P. D. Schloss, Microbiology Mar 2017 R1, R2, R3, R4, R5
16GT: a fast and sensitive variant caller using a 16-genotype probabilistic model R. Luo ... S. Salzberg Bioinformatics Mar 2017 R1
Cohesion: A method for quantifying the connectivity of microbial communities C. Herren, K. McMahon, Cancer Biology Feb 2017 R1
Replication and characterization of CADM2 and MSRA genes on human behavior B. Boutwell ... J. Perry Genetics Feb 2017 R1
Masking of a circadian behavior in larval zebrafish involves the thalamo-habenula pathway Q. Lin, S. J. Jesuthasan, Neuroscience Feb 2017 R1
The ultrastructure of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 nanowires revealed by electron cryo-tomography P. Subramanian ... G. J. Jensen Microbiology Feb 2017 R1
Pairwise comparisons are problematic when analyzing functional genomic data across species C. W. Dunn ... A. Hejnol Genomics Feb 2017 R1
A defined platform of human peri-gastrulation-like biological fate patterning reveals coordination between Reaction-Diffusion and Positional-Information M. Tewary ... P. W. Zandstra Developmental Biology Jan 2017 R1, R2
A portable system for metagenomic analyses using nanopore-based sequencer and laptop computers can realize rapid on-site determination of bacterial compositions S. Mitsuhashi ... T. Imanishi Genomics Jan 2017 R1
Predicting the phenotype of Mendelian disease missense mutations using amino acid conservation and protein stability change M. T. Chavez, E. O. Perlstein, Bioinformatics Jan 2017 R1
Lateral geniculate neurons show robust ocular dominance plasticity J. Jaepel ... T. Rose Neuroscience Jan 2017 R1
Sequence and structural diversity of mouse Y chromosomes A. P. Morgan, F. P. M. d. Villena, Genetics Dec 2016 R1
Visual crowding is a combination of an increase of positional uncertainty, source confusion, and featural averaging W. J. Harrison, P. J. Bex, Neuroscience Dec 2016 R1
Fenton-type chemistry by a copper enzyme: molecular mechanism of polysaccharide oxidative cleavage B. Bissaro ... V. Eijsink Biochemistry Dec 2016 R1
Can paid reviews promote scientific quality and offer novel career perspectives for young scientists? C. Wurzbacher ... M. Unterseher Scientific Communication And Education Dec 2016 R1
Testing pseudo-linear models of responses to natural scenes in primate retina A. Heitman ... E. Chichilnisky Neuroscience Dec 2016 R1
Theory for the spatiotemporal interaction between lytic phages and biofilm-dwelling bacteria M. Simmons ... V. Bucci Microbiology Dec 2016 R1
16S rRNA Gene Sequencing as a Clinical Diagnostic Aid for Gastrointestinal-related Conditions D. E. Almonacid ... Z. S. Apte Microbiology Dec 2016 R1
Portable and Error-Free DNA-Based Data Storage S. M. H. T. Yazdi ... O. Milenkovic Bioinformatics Oct 2016 R1
Contrasting genome dynamics between domesticated and wild yeasts J. Yue ... G. Liti Genomics Sep 2016 R1
Empirical assessment of published effect sizes and power in the recent cognitive neuroscience and psychology literature D. Szucs, J. P. Ioannidis, Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1
What the Success of Brain Imaging Implies about the Neural Code O. Guest, B. C. Love, Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1, R2
The Detailed 3D Multi-Loop Aggregate/Rosette Chromatin Architecture and Functional Dynamic Organization of the Human and Mouse Genomes T. A. Knoch ... F. G. Grosveld Genomics Aug 2016 R1
Fast, scalable prediction of deleterious noncoding variants from functional and population genomic data Y. Huang ... A. Siepel Genomics Aug 2016 R1
Transformation and model choice for RNA-seq co-expression analysis A. Rau, C. Maugis-Rabusseau, Bioinformatics Jul 2016 R1
A simple proposal for the publication of journal citation distributions V. Lariviere ... S. Curry Scientific Communication Jul 2016 R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6
Comparative analysis highlights variable genome content of wheat rusts and divergence of the mating loci. C. A. Cuomo ... J. P. Fellers Microbiology Jun 2016 R1
Thanatotranscriptome: genes actively expressed after organismal death A. E. Pozhitkov ... P. A. Noble Systems Biology Jun 2016 R1
Theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation to the prefrontal or parietal cortex does not impair metacognitive visual awareness D. Bor ... A. K. Seth Neuroscience Jun 2016 R1
Total RNA Sequencing reveals microbial communities in human blood and disease specific effects S. Mangul ... R. A. Ophoff Microbiology Jun 2016 R1
Refining the role of de novo protein truncating variants in neurodevelopmental disorders using population reference samples J. Kosmicki ... M. Daly Genetics May 2016 R1
Wheat blast disease caused by Pyricularia graminis-tritici sp. nov. V. L. Castroagudin ... P. Ceresini Evolutionary Biology Apr 2016 R1, R2, R3
The rate and effect of de novo mutations in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana M. Exposito-Alonso ... D. Weigel Genomics Apr 2016 R1
Different Evolutionary Paths to Complexity for Small and Large Populations of Digital Organisms T. LaBar, C. Adami, Evolutionary Biology Apr 2016 R1
Heat*seq: an interactive web tool for high-throughput sequencing experiment comparison with public data G. Devailly, A. Mantsoki, A. Joshi Bioinformatics Apr 2016 R1
plasmidSPAdes: Assembling Plasmids from Whole Genome Sequencing Data D. Antipov ... P. Pevzner Bioinformatics Apr 2016 R1
Lateral genetic transfers between eukaryotes and bacteriophages S. R. Bordenstein, S. R. Bordenstein, Genomics Apr 2016 R1
The Interaction of Genotype and Environment Determines Variation in the Maize Kernel Ionome A. B. Asaro ... I. Baxter Apr 2016 R1
Detecting distortions of peripherally-presented letter stimuli under crowded conditions T. S. A. Wallis ... F. A. Wichmann Neuroscience Apr 2016 R1
Expansion of the CRISPR toolbox in an animal with tRNA-flanked Cas9 and Cpf1 gRNAs F. Port, S. L. Bullock, Genetics Mar 2016 R1
Many long intergenic non-coding RNAs distally regulate mRNA gene expression levels I. McDowell ... B. E. Engelhardt Genomics Mar 2016 R1, R2
Relic DNA is abundant in soil and obscures estimates of soil microbial diversity P. Carini ... N. Fierer Ecology Mar 2016 R1
Modeling methyl-sensitive transcription factor motifs with an expanded epigenetic alphabet C. Viner ... M. M. Hoffman Bioinformatics Mar 2016 R1
Evidence for selective attention in the insect brain B. L. d. Bivort, B. v. Swinderen, Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
Accurate promoter and enhancer identification in 127 ENCODE and Roadmap Epigenomics cell types and tissues by GenoSTAN B. Zacher ... J. Gagneur Genomics Feb 2016 R1
Comparative assessment of fluorescent proteins for in vivo imaging in an animal model system J. K. Heppert ... B. Goldstein Cell Biology Feb 2016 R1
CRISPR-directed mitotic recombination enables genetic mapping without crosses M. J. Sadhu ... L. Kruglyak Genetics Feb 2016 R1
Are reading and face processing related? An investigation of reading in developmental prosopagnosia R. Starrfelt ... C. Gerlach Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
A community overlap strategy reveals central genes and networks in heart failure P. Cordero ... E. A. Ashley Genomics Jan 2016 R1
The wiring diagram of a glomerular olfactory system M. E. Berck ... A. Cardona Neuroscience Jan 2016 R1
Enhancing the precision of our understanding about mentalizing in adults with autism M. V. Lombardo ... S. Baron-Cohen Animal Behaviour And Cognition Dec 2015 R1
Population genomics of the Anthropocene: urbanization is negatively associated with genome-wide variation in white-footed mouse populations J. Munshi-South ... S. E. Harris Evolutionary Biology Nov 2015 R1
Urbanization shapes the demographic history of a city-dwelling native rodent S. E. Harris ... J. Munshi-South Evolutionary Biology Nov 2015 R1
The Ionotropic Receptors IR21a and IR25a mediate cool sensing in Drosophila L. Ni ... P. A. Garrity Neuroscience Nov 2015 R1
Widespread shortening of 3' untranslated regions and increased exon inclusion characterize the human macrophage response to infection A. A. Pai ... L. B. Barreiro Genomics Sep 2015 R1
Classifying Aging as a Disease in the context of ICD-11 A. Zhavoronkov, B. Bhullar, Scientific Communication Aug 2015 R1
D3M: Detection of differential distributions of methylation patterns Y. Matsui ... T. Shimamura Bioinformatics Aug 2015 R1
Accelerating Scientific Publication in Biology R. D. Vale, Scientific Communication Jul 2015 R1
Development of social behaviour in young zebrafish. E. Dreosti ... S. W. Wilson Neuroscience Apr 2015 R1