Review for "Advances in studying brain morphology: The benefits of open-access data"

Completed on 11 Jun 2017 by Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski .

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This short commentary introduces the reader to recent advancements in publicly available neuroimaging datasets with a special focus on data useful for evaluating anatomical features. It includes a brief historical perspective and provides an overview of the advantages of using publicly shared data.

Comments to author

The paper provides some unique and important points – for example, the fact that polling data from multiple sources gives researchers an opportunity to access previously inaccessible populations thus extending conclusions beyond the typically studied groups of participants. Even though all of the statements in the manuscripts are to my knowledge factually accurate I do find it a bit one sided. Advantages of using shared data are presented extensively, but disadvantages are almost completely omitted. It would be worth discussing aspects such as – 1) scientific questions are limited, by what data and metadata are available; 2) when combining data from multiple sites special care needs to be taken to account for scanner/sequence effects etc. I feel that addition would make this community more leveled.