Review for "Neural responses to naturalistic clips of behaving animals in two different task contexts"

Completed on 6 Mar 2018 by Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski .

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The paper "Neural responses to naturalistic clips of behaving animals in two different task contexts" describes a new benchmark dataset for brain decoding. It brings a breath of fresh, unique quality in the context of similar currently available datasets. It will by no doubt be recognized as a valuable resource for the years to come. Nonetheless, a few improvements would make the manuscript better.

Comments to author


- Please provide stimuli files in the /stimuli folder linking them to the individual events via the stim_file column in _events.tsv files. See the BIDS specification for details. This is probably the most important improvement to the dataset I came across.


- Consider distributing preprocessed version of the datasets. This would allow scientists to run analyses using this dataset without the need to perform preprocessing themselves. In my experience providing a preprocessed version of the data increases its reuse potential. You can just run FMRIPREP on directly OpenNeuro (I recommend using the "--use-syn-sdc" option since the dataset does not include fieldmaps), and it will be available alongside your dataset. The manuscript should include information about the availability of this data and a brief description of FMRIPREP outputs (it's redundant, but convenient for the reader).

- Providing a figure with example frames from each category of stimuli would greatly help readers in understanding the paradigm.

- Similarly plotting the distributions of selected QC parameters would also improve the manuscript.

- The manuscript would benefit from division into sections such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion (where a comparison to other publicly available datasets could be added) and Conclusion.

- It might be useful to consider making it explicit in the title that this paper is a data descriptor.