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Preprint Authors Date Altmetric Reviews & Comments Actions
Efficient CRISPR/Cas-mediated homologous recombination in the model diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana N. Belshaw...
T. Mock
9th Nov 2017 NA
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Genome-Wide Identification of Early-Firing Human Replication Origins by Optical Replication Mapping K. Klein...
N. Rhind
6th Nov 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
A critical comparison of technologies for a plant genome sequencing project P. Paajanen...
M. D. Clark
11th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Engineering the Surface/Interface Structures of Titanium Dioxide Micro and Nano Architectures towards Environmental and Electrochemical Applications 1st Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Diffusion Based Molecular Communication: Principle, Key Technologies, and Challenges. J. Wang, M. P. . B. Yin 15th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
Transparent Pullulan/Mica Nanocomposite Coatings with Outstanding Oxygen Barrier Properties 1st Sep 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Whole genome optical mapping reveals multiple fusion events chained by large novel sequences in cancer E. K. Chan...
V. M. Hayes
20th Jul 2017 21
Review Bookmark
High contiguity Arabidopsis thaliana genome assembly with a single nanopore flow cell T. P. Michael...
J. R. Ecker
14th Jun 2017 146
Review Bookmark
Cell-Accurate Optical Mapping Across The Entire Developing Heart M. Weber...
J. Huisken
27th May 2017 11
Review Bookmark
Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Linked-Read Sequencing Combined with Optical Mapping Produce a High Quality Mammalian Genome at Relatively Low Cost D. W. Mohr...
A. F. Scott
24th Apr 2017 77 Reviews
Review Bookmark
Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Synthetic long read sequencing combined with optical mapping produce a high quality mammalian genome at relatively low cost D. Mohr...
A. Scott
18th Apr 2017 77
Review Bookmark
Reduced representation optical methylation mapping (R2OM2). A. Grunwald...
Y. Ebenstein
3rd Mar 2017 6
Review Bookmark
Ongoing human chromosome end extension driven by a primate ancestral genomic region revealed by analysis of BioNano genomics data H. Shao...
L. Coin
15th Feb 2017 13
Review Bookmark
Rapid Automated Large Structural Variation Detection in a Diploid Genome by NanoChannel Based Next-Generation Mapping A. R. Hastie...
H. Cao
2nd Feb 2017 26
Review Bookmark
Tools and pipelines for BioNano data: molecule assembly pipeline and FASTA super scaffolding tool J. M. Shelton...
S. J. Brown
Aug 2015 10
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