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BioSankey: Visualizing microbial communities and gene expression data over time A. Platzer...
T. Nussbaumer
20th Sep 2017 4
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dRNA-seq implicates sulfide as master regulator of S(0) metabolism in Chlorobaculum tepidum and other green sulfur bacteria J. M. Hilzinger...
T. E. Hanson
7th Aug 2017 7
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An algorithm for template-based prediction of secondary structures of individual RNA sequences J. Panek, M. Cerny, 1st Aug 2017 4
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Dual RNA-seq Reveals No Plastic Transcriptional Response Of The Coccidian Parasite Eimeria falciformis To Host Immune Defences T. Ehret...
E. G. Heitlinger
15th Mar 2017 3
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RsrR: a novel redox sensitive Rrf2 family transcription factor in Streptomyces venezuelae J. T. Munnoch...
M. I. Hutchings
Apr 2016 5
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Time-resolved dual RNA-Seq reveals extensive rewiring of lung epithelial and pneumococcal transcriptomes during early infection R. Aprianto...
J. Veening
Apr 2016 9
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