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Superior ab initio Identification, Annotation and Characterisation of TEs and Segmental Duplications from Genome Assemblies. L. ZENG...
D. L. Adelson
19th Sep 2017 8
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Redkmer: An assembly-free pipeline for the identification of abundant and specific X-chromosome target sequences for X-shredding by CRISPR endonucleases P. A. Papathanos, N. Windbichler, 15th Sep 2017 11
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De novo long-read assembly of a complex animal genome D. Eccles...
J. Ewbank
10th Sep 2017 19
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LRSDAY: Long-read sequencing data analysis for yeasts J. Yue, G. Liti, 5th Sep 2017 22
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Genetic architectures of larval pigmentation and color pattern in the redheaded pine sawfly (Neodiprion lecontei) C. Linnen...
C. Lindstedt
3rd Sep 2017 23
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De novo assembly and phasing of dikaryotic genomes from two isolates of Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae, the causal agent of oat crown rust M. E. Miller...
M. Figueroa
25th Aug 2017 14
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Nanopore sequencing enables near-complete de novo assembly of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reference strain CEN.PK113-7D A. N. Salazar...
T. Abeel
14th Aug 2017 54
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Abundance-based reconstitution of microbial pan-genomes from whole-metagenome shotgun sequencing data F. P. Oñate...
M. Pichaud
8th Aug 2017 30
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Correcting palindromes in long reads after whole-genome amplification S. Warris...
D. d. Ridder
8th Aug 2017 19
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Fast and memory-efficient noisy read overlapping with KD-trees D. Parkhomchuk...
A. C. McHardy
21st Jul 2017 12
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Innovative assembly strategy contributes to the understanding of evolution and conservation genetics of the critically endangered Solenodon paradoxus from the island of Hispaniola K. Grigorev...
T. K. Oleksyk
18th Jul 2017 13 Reviews
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Genomic architecture of codfishes featured by expansions of innate immune genes and short tandem repeats O. K. Tørresen...
S. Jentoft
14th Jul 2017 20
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The genomic architecture of a rapid island radiation: mapping chromosomal rearrangements and recombination rate variation in Laupala T. Blankers...
K. L. Shaw
8th Jul 2017 17
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Completing bacterial genome assemblies with multiplex MinION sequencing R. R. Wick...
K. E. Holt
7th Jul 2017 143
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riboSeed: leveraging prokaryotic genomic architecture to assemble across ribosomal regions N. R. Waters...
L. Pritchard
5th Jul 2017 16
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Analysis of the Aedes albopictus C6/36 genome provides insight into cell line adaptations to in vitro viral propagation J. R. Miller...
R. S. Shabman
30th Jun 2017 17
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Evaluating Metagenome Assembly on a Simple Defined Community with Many Strain Variants S. Awad...
C. T. Brown
25th Jun 2017 88
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High-quality genome assemblies uncover caste-specific long non-coding RNAs in ants E. J. Shields, R. Bonasio, 24th Jun 2017 17
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Mapping-free variant calling using haplotype reconstruction from k-mer frequencies P. Audano...
F. Vannberg
22nd Jun 2017 36
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The grayling genome reveals selection on gene expression regulation after whole genome duplication S. Varadharajan...
K. S. Jakobsen
22nd Jun 2017 42
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