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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
De novo phased assembly of the Vitis riparia grape genome 18th May 2019
linked_reads Bookmark
Frustration and Fidelity in Influenza Genome Assembly 16th May 2019
metaFlye: scalable long-read metagenome assembly using repeat graphs 16th May 2019
metagenomics Bookmark
Chromosome-level de novo assembly of the pig-tailed macaque genome using linked-read sequencing and HiC proximity scaffolding 12th May 2019
Improved assembly and variant detection of a haploid human genome using single-molecule, high-fidelity long reads 12th May 2019
tandem_repeats Bookmark
TRITEX: chromosome-scale sequence assembly of Triticeae genomes with open-source tools 10th May 2019
linked_reads Bookmark
A High-Quality Genome Assembly from a Single, Field collected Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) using the PacBio Sequel II System 7th May 2019
From single nuclei to whole genome assembly 4th May 2019
Deconvolute individual genomes from metagenome sequences through short read clustering 30th Apr 2019
metagenomics Bookmark
Evaluation of DNA extraction methods on individual helminth egg and larval stages for whole genome sequencing 28th Apr 2019
First near complete haplotype phased genome assembly of River buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) 28th Apr 2019
bionano linked_reads Bookmark
A rapid and accurate MinION-based workflow for tracking species biodiversity in the field 24th Apr 2019
nanopore Bookmark
A weighted sequence alignment strategy for gene structure annotation lift over from reference genome to a newly sequenced individual 23rd Apr 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Pan-genomic and Polymorphic Driven Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance in Elizabethkingia 19th Apr 2019
antibiotic_resistance nanopore Bookmark
A draft genome and transcriptome of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) as resources for evolutionary, ecological, and molecular studies in milkweeds and Apocynaceae 19th Apr 2019
Hybrid decay: a transgenerational epigenetic decline in vigor and viability triggered in backcross populations of teosinte with maize 28th Mar 2019
methylation Bookmark
Fully-sensitive Seed Finding in Sequence Graphs Using a Hybrid Index 26th Mar 2019
De novo transcriptome assembly of the African bullfrog Pyxicephalus adspersus for molecular analysis of aestivation 26th Mar 2019
The polyploid genome of the mitotic parthenogenetic root knot nematode Meloidogyne enterolobii 24th Mar 2019
polyploid Bookmark
Error, noise and bias in de novo transcriptome assemblies 24th Mar 2019