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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
MetaBAT 2: an adaptive binning algorithm for robust and efficient genome reconstruction from metagenome assemblies 8th Feb 2019
Optimizing de novo genome assembly from PCR-amplified metagenomes Dec 2018
Assignment of virus and antimicrobial resistance genes to microbial hosts in a complex microbial community by combined long-read assembly and proximity ligation Dec 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Ultra-deep, long-read nanopore sequencing of mock microbial community standards Dec 2018
nanopore Bookmark
Choice of assembly software has a critical impact on virome characterisation Nov 2018
Long read-based de novo assembly of low complex metagenome samples results in finished genomes and reveals insights into strain diversity and an active phage system Nov 2018
crispr methylation nanopore Bookmark
New approaches for assembly of short-read metagenomic data Nov 2018
Exploring neighborhoods in large metagenome assembly graphs reveals hidden sequence diversity Nov 2018
deGSM: memory scalable construction of large scale de Bruijn Graph Aug 2018
burrowswheeler_transform Bookmark
Bacterial and fungal contributions to delignification and lignocellulose degradation in forest soils with metagenomic and quantitative stable isotope probing Aug 2018
Strain-level overlap between infant and hospital fungal microbiomes revealed through de novo assembly of eukaryotic genomes from metagenomes M. R. Olm...
J. F. Banfield
May 2018
Functional Analysis of Metagenomes by Likelihood Inference (FAMLI) Successfully Compensates for Multi-Mapping Short Reads from Metagenomic Samples J. L. Golob, S. S. Minot Apr 2018
recombination Bookmark
Genomes from uncultivated prokaryotes: a comparison of metagenome-assembled and single-amplified genomes J. Alneberg...
J. Pinhassi
Nov 2017
MetaCompass: Reference-guided Assembly of Metagenomes V. Cepeda...
M. Pop
Nov 2017
Abundance-based reconstitution of microbial pan-genomes from whole-metagenome shotgun sequencing data F. P. OƱate...
M. Pichaud
Aug 2017
Evaluating Metagenome Assembly on a Simple Defined Community with Many Strain Variants S. Awad...
C. T. Brown
Jun 2017
Gut Microbiota Composition Related With Clostridium difficile-Positive Diarrhea And C. Difficile Type (A+B+, A-B+, And A-B-) In ICU Hospitalized Patients A. Wu...
C. Li
Apr 2017
Faucet: streaming de novo assembly graph construction R. Rozov...
R. Shamir
Apr 2017
De novo assembly of microbial genomes from human gut metagenomes using barcoded short read sequences E. Moss...
A. S. Bhatt
Apr 2017
antibiotic_resistance rnaseq Bookmark
GutCyc: a Multi-Study Collection of Human Gut Microbiome Metabolic Models A. S. Hahn...
S. J. Hallam
May 2016
metabolic_engineering Bookmark