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Preprint Authors Date Altmetric Reviews & Comments Actions
Viral Complexity: Amino acid co-evolution in viral genomes as a possible metric C. K. Sruthi, M. K. Prakash 13th Nov 2017 NA
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Metagenomics for chronic meningitis: clarifying interpretation and diagnosis M. R. Wilson...
J. L. Derisi
7th Nov 2017 NA
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Application of the immunoregulatory receptor LILRB1 as a novel crystallisation chaperone for class I peptide-MHC complexes F. Mohammed, D. Stones, B. E. Willcox 2nd Nov 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
The SAM domain of mouse SAMHD1 is critical for its activation and regulation O. Buzovetsky...
Y. Xiong
24th Oct 2017 NA
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The ABCE1 capsid assembly pathway is conserved between primate lentiviruses and the non-primate lentivirus feline immunodeficiency virus J. C. Reed...
J. R. Lingappa
22nd Oct 2017 NA
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The Antiviral and Cancer Genomic DNA Deaminase APOBEC3H Is Regulated by a RNA-Mediated Dimerization Mechanism R. Harris...
H. Aihara
13th Oct 2017 NA
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IFITM proteins inhibit HIV-1 protein synthesis W. Y. Lee...
R. Sloan
11th Oct 2017 2
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Transcriptomic characterization of MRI contrast, focused on the T1-w/T2-w ratio in the cerebral cortex J. Ritchie...
L. French
30th Sep 2017 7
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Infant Transmitted/Founder HIV-1 Viruses from Peripartum Transmission are Neutralization Resistant to Paired Maternal Plasma A. Kumar...
S. R. Permar
28th Sep 2017 1
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Interferon-inducible miR-128 modulates HIV-1 replication by targeting TNPO3 mRNA I. Pedersen...
K. Lee
28th Sep 2017 3
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Development of a high-throughput bead based assay system to measure HIV-1 specific immune signatures in clinical samples T. Liechti...
A. Trkola
28th Sep 2017 2
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Histone deacetylase inhibition reduces deleterious cytokine release induced by ingenol stimulation E. T. Larragoite...
V. Planelles
27th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
Kinetics of HIV-Specific CTL Responses Plays a Minimal Role in Determining HIV Escape Dynamics Y. Yang, V. V. Ganusov, 27th Sep 2017 1
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Evolutionary rate shifts suggest species-specific adaptation events in HIV-1 and SIV M. Gelbart, A. Stern, 19th Sep 2017 3
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Loss of bone marrow cells including CD34+ cells following CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infection of humanized NOD/SCID/JAK3null mice and partial protection of those cells by a promotor-targeting shRNA T. Tsukamoto, 19th Sep 2017 1
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Two diseases, same person: moving towards a combined HIV and TB continuum of care R. Granich, S. Gupta, 18th Sep 2017 4
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Novel full-length major histocompatibility complex class I allele discovery and haplotype definition in pig-tailed macaques M. Semler...
D. O'Connor
10th Sep 2017 3
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Editing of the Human TRIM5 Gene to Introduce HIV-1 Restrictive Mutations Using CRISPR-Cas9 C. Dufour...
L. Berthoux
6th Sep 2017 5
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HIV-1 initiates genomic RNA packaging in a unique subset of host RNA granules J. R. Lingappa...
J. C. Reed
2nd Sep 2017 2
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Transmission clusters in the HIV-1 epidemic among men who have sex with men in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. L. Villandr, Aur, R. I. L. L. . B. B. . M. R. . D. A. Stephens 1st Sep 2017 3
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