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Evolutionary rate shifts suggest species-specific adaptation events in HIV-1 and SIV M. Gelbart, A. Stern, 19th Sep 2017 1
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Loss of bone marrow cells including CD34+ cells following CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infection of humanized NOD/SCID/JAK3null mice and partial protection of those cells by a promotor-targeting shRNA T. Tsukamoto, 19th Sep 2017 1
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Two diseases, same person: moving towards a combined HIV and TB continuum of care R. Granich, S. Gupta, 18th Sep 2017 2
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Novel full-length major histocompatibility complex class I allele discovery and haplotype definition in pig-tailed macaques M. Semler...
D. O'Connor
10th Sep 2017 3
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Editing of the Human TRIM5 Gene to Introduce HIV-1 Restrictive Mutations Using CRISPR-Cas9 C. Dufour...
L. Berthoux
6th Sep 2017 5
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HIV-1 initiates genomic RNA packaging in a unique subset of host RNA granules J. R. Lingappa...
J. C. Reed
2nd Sep 2017 2
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Transmission clusters in the HIV-1 epidemic among men who have sex with men in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. L. Villandr, Aur, R. I. L. L. . B. B. . M. R. . D. A. Stephens 1st Sep 2017 3
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Continuous and discrete dynamics of a deterministic model of HIV infection. M. J. Douraki 1st Sep 2017 1
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Systemic HIV-1 Infection Produces a Unique Glial Footprint in Humanized Mouse Brains W. Li...
L. Poluektova
18th Aug 2017 2
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Characteristics of a Block to Entry via an HIV-2 Envelope, MCR E. R. Gray, 17th Aug 2017 1
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HIV-1 Unspliced RNA Expression Induces Innate Immune Activation in Macrophages H. Akiyama...
S. Gummuluru
10th Aug 2017 3
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CBF-1 promotes the establishment and maintenance of HIV latency by recruiting Polycomb repressive complexes, PRC1 and PRC2, at HIV LTR S. Zicari...
M. Tyagi
10th Aug 2017 1
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Intron-containing RNA from the HIV-1 provirus activates type I interferon and inflammatory cytokines S. M. McCauley...
J. Luban
7th Aug 2017 14
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Convergent evolution as an indicator for selection during acute HIV-1 infection F. Bertels...
R. R. Regoes
25th Jul 2017 6
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Distinct antibody-mediated selection in a narrow-source HIV-1 outbreak among Chinese former plasma donors S. M. Andrews...
J. Esbjornsson
24th Jul 2017 2
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A model-based clustering method to detect infectious disease transmission outbreaks from sequence variation R. M. McCloskey, A. Poon, 19th Jul 2017 11
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A High HIV-1 Strain Variability in London, UK, Revealed by Full-Genome Analysis: Results from the ICONIC Project G. Yebra...
A. J. L. Brown
17th Jul 2017 4
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Immature HIV-1 Lattice Assembly Dynamics are Regulated by Scaffolding from Nucleic Acid and the Plasma Membrane A. J. Pak...
G. A. Voth
13th Jul 2017 2
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Bending of the BST-2 coiled-coil during viral budding K. A. Ozcan, C. Berndsen, 11th Jul 2017 4
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Anti-HIV activity prediction and enrichment identify novel human targets for Anti-HIV therapy S. Dai...
J. Huang
4th Jul 2017 2
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