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The Early Diagnosis in Lung Cancer by the Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA G. Tian...
C. Liu
15th Sep 2017 3
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Molecular characterization of breast and lung tumors by integration of multiple data types with sparse-factor analysis T. Bismeijer...
L. Wessels
14th Sep 2017 4
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A potential link between tuberculosis and lung cancer through non-coding RNAs D. Barh...
V. Azevedo
13th Sep 2017 3
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Fibroblast-derived HGF drives acinar lung cancer cell polarization through integrin-dependent RhoA-ROCK1 inhibition. A. Datta...
D. M. Bryant
6th Sep 2017 1
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A risk stratification model for lung cancer based on gene coexpression network H. Choi, K. J. Na, 23rd Aug 2017 4
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Computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodule using gradient tree boosting and Bayesian optimization. M. Nishio, O. S. . M. N. . R. K. . M. Y. . T. K. . K. Togashi 22nd Aug 2017 2
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Cancer associated fibroblasts and alectinib switch the evolutionary games that non-small cell lung cancer plays A. Kaznatcheev...
J. G. Scott
21st Aug 2017 42
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Inferring propensity amongst lung and breast carcinomas via overlapped gene expression profiles R. Jaiswal...
S. Jauhari
20th Aug 2017 3
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The Complex Ecosystem in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Invasion S. Haney...
M. Bazhenov
15th Aug 2017 5
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SINHCAF/FAM60A links SIN3A function to the hypoxia response and its levels are predictive of cancer patient survival J. Biddlestone...
S. Rocha
14th Aug 2017 4
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Analysis of Deformation Fields in Spatio-temporal CBCT images of lungs for radiotherapy patients. B. K. Veduruparthi, P. P. D. . J. M. . M. S. . R. K. S. . S. C. . S. R. . S. Prasath 30th Jul 2017 1
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TASI: A software tool for spatial-temporal quantification of tumor spheroid dynamics Y. Hou...
L. A. Cooper
17th Jul 2017 4
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Questioning the role of selected somatic PIK3C2B mutations in squamous non-small cell lung cancer oncogenesis. M. Kind...
R. Charles
17th Jul 2017 3
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5-Hydroxymethylcytosine signatures in cell-free DNA provide information about tumor types and stages C. Song...
S. R. Quake
12th Jul 2017 9
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Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Mitochondrial Genomes in Human Cancers Y. Yuan...
-. P. Network
9th Jul 2017 17
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Genomic variations in paired normal controls for lung adenocarcinomas L. Qu...
G. Zhou
29th Jun 2017 4
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Genetic context and proliferation determine contrasting patterns of copy number amplification and loss for 5S and 45S ribosomal DNA arrays in cancer M. Wang, B. Lemos, 29th Jun 2017 3
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A quantitative systems pharmacology analysis of KRAS G12C covalent inhibitors E. C. Stites, A. S. Shaw, 29th Jun 2017 1
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Expanding discovery from cancer genomes by integrating protein network analyses with in vivo tumorigenesis assays H. Horn...
K. Lage
19th Jun 2017 15.1
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Transfer entropy as a tool for inferring causality from observational studies in epidemiology N. A. Aziz, 14th Jun 2017 3
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