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A methodology for malaria programme impact evaluation E. Pothin...
T. S. Iii
19th Sep 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Methods matter: Influential purification and analysis parameters for intracellular parasite metabolomics M. A. Carey...
J. L. Guler
18th Sep 2017 6
Review Bookmark
The drivers and consequences of unstable Plasmodium dynamics: A 26-year study of three malaria parasite species infecting a tropical lizard L. Otero...
M. Acevedo
15th Sep 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Redkmer: An assembly-free pipeline for the identification of abundant and specific X-chromosome target sequences for X-shredding by CRISPR endonucleases P. A. Papathanos, N. Windbichler, 15th Sep 2017 11
Review Bookmark
hmmIBD: software to infer pairwise identity by descent between haploid genotypes S. F. Schaffner...
D. E. Neafsey
12th Sep 2017 8.2
Review Bookmark
Genomic evidence for population specific selection in Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo linguistic groups in Africa J. Mulindwa...
T. H. Consortium
10th Sep 2017 17
Review Bookmark
KCC1 Activation protects Mice from the Development of Experimental Cerebral Malaria. E. Hortle...
G. Burgio
8th Sep 2017 4
Review Bookmark
A spatial predictive model for Malaria resurgence in central Greece integrating entomological, environmental and Social data. P. Pergantas, C. M. . A. T. . G. K. . N. D. . Y. Tselentis 29th Aug 2017 1
Review Bookmark
Performance of Players and Data Quality in a Citizen Science Casual Game I. Stankovic...
M. Ponti
27th Aug 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Towards life cycle identification of malaria parasites using machine learning and Riemannian geometry. A. Mehrjou 18th Aug 2017 4
Review Bookmark
microRNA tissue atlas of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae L. Lampe, E. A. Levashina, 18th Aug 2017 11
Review Bookmark
Transmission Expression Signature in Nascent Plasmodium vivax Blood Stage Infection S. R. Adapa...
R. H. Y. Jiang
11th Aug 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Reverse immunodynamics: a new method to identifying targets of protective immunity. K. J. Spensley...
S. Gupta
20th Jul 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Multi-scale immune selection and the transmission-diversity feedback of Plasmodium falciparum malaria T. Holding...
M. Recker
14th Jul 2017 5
Review Bookmark
HECIL: A Hybrid Error Correction Algorithm for Long Reads with Iterative Learning O. Choudhury...
S. Emrich
13th Jul 2017 21
Review Bookmark
Accurate Immune Repertoire Sequencing Reveals Malaria Infection Driven Antibody Lineage Diversification in Young Children B. S. Wendel...
N. Jiang
9th Jul 2017 5
Review Bookmark
Backward bifurcation in SIRS malaria model. M. Tilahun 6th Jul 2017 1
Review Bookmark
Common Piezo1 allele in African populations causes xerocytosis and attenuates Plasmodium infection S. Ma...
A. Patapoutian
6th Jul 2017 20
Review Bookmark
Biochemical characterization and essentiality of Plasmodium fumarate hydratase V. Jayaraman...
H. Balaram
3rd Jul 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Highly efficient site-specific mutagenesis in Malaria mosquitoes using CRISPR M. Li...
B. White
30th Jun 2017 29
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