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Real-time analysis of nanopore-based metagenomic sequencing from orthopaedic device infection N. D. Sanderson...
D. W. Eyre
17th Nov 2017 NA
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Antimicrobial resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae carriage and infection in specialized geriatric care wards linked to acquisition in the referring hospital C. L. Gorrie...
K. E. Holt
13th Nov 2017 NA
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Nanopore Sequencing Reveals High-Resolution Structural Variation in the Cancer Genome L. Gong...
C. Wei
26th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Novel prosthecate bacteria from the candidate phylum Acetothermia revealed by culture-independent genomics and advanced microscopy L. Hao...
M. S. Dueholm
24th Oct 2017 NA
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Locus-Specific Enhancer Hubs And Architectural Loop Collisions Uncovered From Single Allele DNA Topologies A. Allahyar...
W. D. Laat
19th Oct 2017 NA
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Rapid genome sequencing for outbreak analysis of the emerging human fungal pathogen Candida auris J. Rhodes...
S. Schelenz
13th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Spectral and photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary ε Aurigae prior to and during the 2009-2011 eclipse P. Chadima...
D. Sudar
2nd Oct 2017 NA
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Recentrifuge: robust comparative analysis and contamination removal for metagenomic data J. M. Martí, 19th Sep 2017 23
Review Bookmark
Real-time DNA barcoding in a remote rainforest using nanopore sequencing A. Pomerantz...
S. Prost
15th Sep 2017 107
Review Bookmark
DNA translocation through alpha-haemolysin nano-pores with potential application to macromolecular data storage. P. K. Khulbe, M. M. . R. Gruener 14th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
De novo long-read assembly of a complex animal genome D. Eccles...
J. Ewbank
10th Sep 2017 16
Review Bookmark
A minimalist approach to protein identification G. Sampath, 10th Sep 2017 7
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Unbiased Strain-Typing of Arbovirus Directly from Mosquitoes Using Nanopore Sequencing: A Field-forward Biosurveillance Protocol J. A. Russell...
J. L. Jacobs
4th Sep 2017 23
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Rapid MinION metagenomic profiling of the preterm infant gut microbiota to aid in pathogen diagnostics R. M. Leggett...
M. D. Clark
24th Aug 2017 64
Review Bookmark
Chiron: Translating nanopore raw signal directly into nucleotide sequence using deep learning H. Teng...
L. Coin
23rd Aug 2017 114 Reviews
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Accurate typing of class I human leukocyte antigen by Oxford nanopore sequencing C. Liu...
R. D. Mitra
20th Aug 2017 18
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CarrierSeq: a sequence analysis workflow for low-input nanopore sequencing A. Mojarro...
C. E. Carr
18th Aug 2017 30
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Nanopore sequencing enables near-complete de novo assembly of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reference strain CEN.PK113-7D A. N. Salazar...
T. Abeel
14th Aug 2017 52
Review Bookmark
A bestiary of localized sequence rearrangements in human DNA M. Frith, S. Khan, 14th Aug 2017 12
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SureMap: Versatile, Error Tolerant, and High Sensitive Read Mapper M. R. Seraji, S. A. Motahari, 8th Aug 2017 20
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