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Recent African gene flow responsible for excess of old rare genetic variation in Great Britain A. Platt, J. Hey, 19th Sep 2017 12
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Exploring the consequences of lack of closure in codon models. M. D. Woodhams, D. A. L. . J. G. S. . M. A. C. . B. R. Holland 18th Sep 2017 3
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Evolution of Cooperation in Public Goods Games with Stochastic Opting-Out. A. G. Ginsberg, F. Fu 13th Sep 2017 1
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Impacts of Recurrent Hitchhiking on Divergence and Demographic Inference in Drosophila J. D. Lange, J. E. Pool, 12th Sep 2017 3
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Parallels between artificial selection in temperate maize and natural selection in the cold-adapted crop-wild relative Tripsacum L. Yan...
J. C. Schnable
12th Sep 2017 15
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A rainfall-manipulation experiment with 517 Arabidopsis thaliana accessions M. Exposito-Alonso...
D. Weigel
10th Sep 2017 32
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Genomic evidence for population specific selection in Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo linguistic groups in Africa J. Mulindwa...
T. H. Consortium
10th Sep 2017 17
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Evolutionary Genetics of a Disease Susceptibility Locus in CDHR3 M. B. O'Neill...
C. Pepperell
8th Sep 2017 8
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Codon usage bias in animals: disentangling the effects of natural selection, effective population size and GC-biased gene conversion N. Galtier...
L. Duret
4th Sep 2017 18
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Pan-cancer screen for mutations in non-coding elements with conservation and cancer specificity reveals correlations with expression and survival H. Hornshoj...
J. S. Pedersen
30th Aug 2017 10
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Human demographic history has amplified the effects background selection across the genome R. Torres...
R. D. Hernandez
29th Aug 2017 27
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Dramatic evolution of body length due to post-embryonic changes in cell size in a newly discovered close relative of C. elegans G. C. Woodruff...
N. Kanzaki
26th Aug 2017 33
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On somatic constraints in the evolution of multicellularity A. Rozhok, J. DeGregori, 25th Aug 2017 16
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Genomic and structural features of the Yellow Fever virus from the 2016-2017 Brazilian outbreak M. M. Gómez...
M. C. Bonaldo
22nd Aug 2017 12
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Genes relocated between Drosophila chromosomes evolve under selection pressures different from canonical dispersed duplicates M. L. I. Hart...
R. Meisel
20th Aug 2017 10
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Effects of Motion in Structured Populations. M. S. Krieger, M. A. N. . A. Mcavoy 16th Aug 2017 2
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Positively selected effector genes and their contribution to virulence in the smut fungus Sporisorium reilianum G. Schweizer...
J. Dutheil
16th Aug 2017 10
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The evolutionary dynamics of influenza A virus within and between human hosts J. T. McCrone...
A. S. Lauring
15th Aug 2017 25
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The genomic rate of adaptation in the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici J. Grandaubert...
E. H. Stukenbrock
15th Aug 2017 37
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The somatically generated T cell receptor CDR3a contributes to the MHC allele specificity of the T cell receptor P. Marrack...
J. Kappler
15th Aug 2017 2
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