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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Large eQTL meta-analysis reveals differing patterns between cerebral cortical and cerebellar brain regions 18th May 2019
eqtl neurodevelopmental_disorders rnaseq schizophrenia Bookmark
An intergenic non-coding RNA promoter required for histone modifications in the human β-globin chromatin domain 17th May 2019
methylation Bookmark
Proxies of CRISPR-Cas9 activity to aid in the identification of mutagenized Arabidopsis plants 16th May 2019
crispr polyploid Bookmark
Machine learning to detect Alzheimer\'s disease from circulating non-coding RNAs 15th May 2019
Sequence-level instructions direct transcription at polyT short tandem repeats. 12th May 2019
tandem_repeats Bookmark
Predicting functional long non-coding RNAs validated by low throughput experiments 12th May 2019
Structure encoding in DNA 11th May 2019
methylation Bookmark
MicroRNA Dynamics and Functions During Arabidopsis Embryogenesis 10th May 2019
CRISPR interference at the FAAH-OUT genomic region reduces FAAH expression 10th May 2019
crispr Bookmark
Non-linear sequence similarity between the Xist and Rsx long noncoding RNAs suggests shared functions of tandem repeat domains 9th May 2019
tandem_repeats Bookmark
CROSSalive: a web server for predicting the in vivo structure of RNA molecules 7th May 2019
methylation Bookmark
Updated Database and Evolutionary Dynamics of U12-Type Introns 7th May 2019
Two separation-of-function isoforms of human TPP1 and a novel intragenic noncoding RNA dictate telomerase regulation in somatic and germ cells. 5th May 2019
NSUN2 introduces 5-methylcytosines in mammalian mitochondrial tRNAs 4th May 2019
crispr neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Long noncoding RNA AVAN promotes antiviral innate immunity by interacting with TRIM25 and enhancing the transcription of FOXO3a 1st May 2019
RNAsamba: coding potential assessment using ORF and whole transcript sequence information 29th Apr 2019
Multi-view Co-training for MicroRNA Prediction 27th Apr 2019
Origin of a novel CYP20A1 lncRNA through 23 Alu exaptations in the human lineage creates a potential multi-miRNA sponge 26th Apr 2019
hiv rnaseq Bookmark
An antisense oligonucleotide leads to suppressed transcriptional elongation of Hdac2 and long-term memory enhancement 26th Apr 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Direct Comparative Analysis of 10X Genomics Chromium and Smart-seq2 24th Apr 2019
linked_reads rnaseq singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark