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Reduced mitochondrial lipid oxidation leads to fat accumulation in myosteatosis 17th Nov 2018
Single cell transcriptomics reveals spatial and temporal dynamics of gene expression in the developing mouse spinal cord 17th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Mapping transcriptionally equivalent populations across single cell RNA-seq datasets 15th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
The landscapes of DNA methylation associated with the transcriptomic network in laying hens and broilers get insight to embryonic muscle development in chicken 15th Nov 2018
methylation ncrna Bookmark
Tcf4 encodes cortical differentiation during development 15th Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Single-cell RNA-seq of the Developing Cardiac Outflow Tract Reveals Convergent Development of the Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells at the Base of the Great Arteries 14th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Skin inflammation driven by differentiation of quiescent tissue-resident ILCs into a spectrum of pathogenic effectors 14th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Global transcriptional regulation of innate immunity in C. elegans 14th Nov 2018
Variability in the Analgesic Response to Ibuprofen Following Third-Molar Extraction is Associated with Differences in Activation of the Cyclooxygenase Pathway 14th Nov 2018
Single-nuclei RNA-seq on human retinal tissue provides improved transcriptome profiling. 14th Nov 2018
Peripheral blood DNA methylation differences in twin pairs discordant for Alzheimer\'s disease 14th Nov 2018
methylation singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Proteogenomic annotation of the Chinese hamster reveals extensive novel translation events and endogenous retroviral elements 13th Nov 2018
A case study on the detailed reproducibility of a human cell atlas project 12th Nov 2018
replication singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Embracing the dropouts in single-cell RNA-seq data 12th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Novel autoregulatory cases of alternative splicing coupled with nonsense-mediated mRNA decay 11th Nov 2018
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals a dynamic stromal niche within the evolving tumour microenvironment 10th Nov 2018
melanoma singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Nanopore native RNA sequencing of a human poly(A) transcriptome R. E. Workman...
W. Timp
10th Nov 2018
nanopore Bookmark
LeafCutter vs. MAJIQ and comparing software in the fast-moving field of genomics 10th Nov 2018
Shank3 Modulates Sleep and Expression of Circadian Transcription Factors 9th Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Single cell transcriptomes reveal characteristics of miRNA in gene expression noise reduction 9th Nov 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark