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A duplex MIPs-based biological-computational cell lineage discovery platform L. Tao...
E. Shapiro
21st Sep 2017 1
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Genetic drivers of repeat expansion disorders localize to 3-D chromatin domain boundaries J. Sun...
J. E. Phillips-Cremins
20th Sep 2017 16
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Minimizing carry-over PCR contamination in expanded CAG/CTG repeat instability applications L. Aeschbach, V. Dion, 13th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
De novo long-read assembly of a complex animal genome D. Eccles...
J. Ewbank
10th Sep 2017 19
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Labeling RNAs in live cells using malachite green aptamer scaffolds as fluorescent probes V. S. Yerramilli, K. H. Kim, 9th Aug 2017 11
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FastID: Extremely Fast Forensic DNA Comparisons D. O. Ricke, 8th Aug 2017 5
Review Bookmark
GrigoraSNPs: Optimized HTS DNA Forensic SNP Analysis D. O. Ricke...
P. Fremont-Smith
8th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Fast P(RMNE): Fast Forensic DNA Probability of Random Man Not Excluded Calculation D. Ricke, S. Schwartz, 8th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Linear Assembly of a Human Y Centromere using Nanopore Long Reads M. Jain...
K. H. Miga
31st Jul 2017 155
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Flexible, multi-use, PCR-based nucleic acid integrity assays based on the ubiquitin C gene M. V. Poucke, L. Peelman, 25th Jul 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Unexpected Properties of Short Genomic Tandem Repeats I. Glotova...
S. Kasif
18th Jul 2017 10
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Genomic architecture of codfishes featured by expansions of innate immune genes and short tandem repeats O. K. Tørresen...
S. Jentoft
14th Jul 2017 20
Review Bookmark
A Linear Algebra Approach to Fast DNA Mixture Analysis Using GPUs. S. Samsi, J. K. . B. H. . A. R. . D. O. Ricke 4th Jul 2017 3
Review Bookmark
STRetch: detecting and discovering pathogenic short tandem repeats expansions H. Dashnow...
A. Oshlack
4th Jul 2017 78
Review Bookmark
Detecting known repeat expansions with standard protocol next generation sequencing, towards developing a single screening test for neurological repeat expansion disorders R. M. Tankard...
M. Bahlo
30th Jun 2017 16
Review Bookmark
Dissecting the Causal Mechanism of X-Linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism by Integrating Genome and Transcriptome Assembly T. Aneichyk...
M. E. Talkowski
14th Jun 2017 11
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An outbreak of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection linked to a Black Friday piercing event P. MacPherson...
C. M. McCann
14th Jun 2017 21
Review Bookmark
Short tandem repeats with massive variation and functional consequences across strains of Arabidopsis thaliana M. O. Press...
C. Queitsch
1st Jun 2017 8
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Improved DOP-PCR (iDOP-PCR): a robust and simple WGA method for efficient amplification of low copy number genomic DNA K. Blagodatskikh...
K. Ignatov
19th Apr 2017 5
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Inferences on the acquisition of multidrug resistance in \emph{Mycobacterium tuberculosis} using molecular epidemiological data. S. A. S. G. S. Rodrigues, A. R. Francis, M. M. Tanaka 17th Apr 2017 3
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